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English citations of anastrophism

  • 1984, Alfred De Grazia, Cosmic heretics: a personal history of attempts to establish and resist theories of quantavolution and catastrophe in the natural and human sciences[1]:
    He contributed the essential concept of anastrophism, the positive side of catastrophism, attributing the birth as well as the death of species to radiation disasters.
  • 2000, Roger W. Wescott, Comparing civilizations: an unconsensual view of culture-history[2], →ISBN:
    A third — which seems most compelling to me — is the dogmatic "anastrophism," or up-beat progressivism, of modern archeologists and historians, for whom the postulation of an antiquity of at least 5000 years for civilization counters []
  • 2004, Eviatar Nevo, Solomon Pavlovich Vasser, Evolutionary theory and processes: modern horizons[3], →ISBN, page 266:
    Paleontological models of episodic high rate macroevolution go back to the XIX century catastrophism (mass extinctions) and anastrophism (bursts of diversification at higher taxonomic levels), later furnished with the macromutation mechanism (Schindewolf, 1958).