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English citations of answer phone

  • 1979, Richard Canning, EDP Analyzer[1], volume 17:
    But the benefits do not end there. An answer phone was selected that does not limit the calling party's message to a few seconds
  • 1996, Phil Murray, The 49 Steps to a Bright Life[2], page 89:
    I hear answer phone messages which say that the person you are trying to contact is too busy to come to the 'phone right now ... sometimes people are busy with me in a meeting but they are not too busy to answer the 'phone when someone else rings
  • 2002, Jane Green, Bookends, 2003 trade paperback edition, →ISBN, page 350:
    I'm standing in the living room, water dripping into a big puddle on the carpet, as I still haven't got round to getting a walkabout phone and I still have this ridiculous thing about taking a phone call, even when you're in the bath and have an answer phone that functions perfectly normally.