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English citations of anti-abortionism

Noun: "an ideology or policy of opposition to the practice and/or legalization of abortion"[edit]

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  • 1973Kingsley Davis, "Population Policy: Will Current Programs Succeed?", in Population, Environment, and Social Organization: Current Issues in Human Ecology (ed. Michael Micklin), Dryden Press (1973), page 358:
    The irony of anti-abortionism in family-planning circles is seen particularly in hair-splitting arguments over whether or not some contraceptive agent (for example, the IUD) is in reality an abortifacient.
  • 1978Abortion: Freedom of Choice & the Right to Life (ed. Lauren R. Sass), Facts On File (1978), ISBN 0871963663, page 73:
    The bishops, still, are not "totally satisfied" with the Ford brand of anti-abortionism, as preferable as they found it to Mr. Carter's.
  • 1983Bernard N. Nathanson, The Abortion Papers: Inside the Abortion Mentality, Frederick Fell Publishers (1983), ISBN 9780811905930, page 71:
    [] and Ellen McCormick had run for President balanced precariously on a platform with a single plank — anti-abortionism.
  • 1984 — Daniel C. Maguire, Death by Choice, Image Books (1984), ISBN 9780385194723, page 169:
    The problem with right-wing anti-abortionism is that it feels that it serves life and fights abortion by stoning, excommunicating, and picketing the anguished women at the clinic door, while leaving unchecked the causes and forces that bring her there.
  • 1987 — Paul B. Fowler, Abortion: Toward an Evangelical Concensus, Multnomah Press (1987), ISBN 9780880701730, page 79:
    We eliminate the absolute anti-abortionism of people who believe a fetus is a person the instant an egg is fertilized.
  • 1991 — Mary Nash, "Pronatalism and motherhood in Franco's Spain", in Maternity & Gender Policies: Women and the Rise of the European Welfare States 1880s-1950s (eds. Gisela Bock & Pat Thane), Routledge (1994), ISBN 0415047749, page 168:
    Anti-abortionism became crucial in the protection of births and population growth and thus a key element in the social policy of the New State.
  • 1999Walter Laqueur, The New Terorism: Fanaticism and the Arms of Mass Destruction, Oxford University Press (2000), ISBN 0195118162, page 229:
    The issue of militant anti-abortionism illustrates the difficulties defining groups of this kind in the terrorist spectrum.
  • 2003 — Peter Wilberg, Head, Heart and Hara: The Soul Centres of West and East, New Gnosis Publications (2003), ISBN 1904519016, page 52:
    Religious anti-abortionism is based, paradoxically, upon a denial of the independent reality of the soul.
  • 2005Child Welfare And Social Policy: An Essential Reader (ed. Harry Hendrick), The Policy Press (2005), ISBN 1861345666, page 220:
    [] (for feminist responses, see Polly Toynbee who obscured the issue by fusing it with anti-abortionism, religious fundamentalism, and the 'aggressive' fathers rights movement []
  • 2011 —Thomas Mates, A Judeo-Islamic Nation: The Evolution of America's Political Theology, Mill City Press (2011), ISBN 9781456604264, unnumbered page:
    Finally, attempting to make anti-abortionism into a Christian crusade is problematic on still another level, one that carries us back once again to the problem of God's plan and His predestination.