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English citations of antizionism

Opposition / activism[edit]

  • 1980, Council of Europe. Parliamentary Assembly. Official Report of Debates, Volume 2; Volume 32, p. 441:
    It is not simply a question of the Jews suffering the same disadvantages as other people who might wish to express themselves; it is also a question of deliberate propaganda being attached to them, with a resulting resurgence of antisemitism in the guise of antizionism.
  • 1991, Mark Steinberger, Re: Antizionism Group: soc.culture.jewish
    The relationship between antizionism and antisemitism is, in my opinion, a very complicated one
  • 2002, M2190at, Re: WI there is no God Group: soc.history.what-if
    As a euphimism [sic] for Jew hater. Zionist is not Judaism therefore antizionism is not antisemitism.
  • 2008, Laurence Jay Silberstein, Postzionism: A Reader. Rutgers University Press, →ISBN, p. 5:
    Many Zionists equate postzionism with antizionism, that is, opposition to the state of Israel itself.
  • 2009, noauth, antizionism is taking the world by storm Group: soc.culture.palestine
    militant and pacifist activist antizionism is taking the world by storm.
  • 2014, Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Confronting Allosemitism in Europe: The Case of Belgian Jews. Brill, →ISBN, [1], p. 60:
    Antisemitic speech can be heard at all levels of Belgian society, justified by antizionism. An antizionism that becomes a general taken-for-granted attitude.