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English citations of apols

Noun: "(UK, informal) apologies"[edit]

2006 2008 2009 2010 2011 2013
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  • 2006, Michael E. Rose, The Burma Effect, McArthur & Company (2006), ISBN 9781770871373, unnumbered page:
    Delaney wrote back, wire-style: “Got yours. Apols but still in debriefs. Best to give you full situationer when clear. Phone may not be secure. Please stand by. Thanks and bests, FD.”
  • 2008, Susie Day, serafina67 *urgently requires life*, Scholastic (2008), ISBN 9780545073523, page 105:
    Apols for TMI but that really is all that has happened.
  • 2009, Clint Badlam, "It takes more than two days to learn self-defence skills properly", Bristol Post, 27 August 2009:
    Based upon your article, my concern is that Tim Larkin is trying to achieve an awareness of his style/system and maybe earn a 'quick buck' (apols for the pun) rather than bring people into an ongoing system over a long period of time where they can learn and be indoctrinated not only into a fighting self-defence system but one that works within the realms of reasonable and appropriate force.
  • 2010, Tim Thornton, Death of an Unsigned Band, Jonathan Cape (2010), ISBN 9780224087230, page 249:
    'The first thing I need to do for you cats,' he begins humbly, 'is offer a couple of apologies. First up — rancid behaviour there at the country hoedown. Frustrated, l guess. And also, I'd stopped at a Little Chef near Salisbury for a piss and a line of charlie — affected me badly, as it sometimes does before sundown. Was . . . not . . . good. Won't . . . happen . . . again. Karry, sis, I came on a little strange. l realise this. No contest. Apols, yeah? []
  • 2011, James Bennett, Television Personalities: Stardom and the Small Screen, Routledge (2011), ISBN 0203842685, pages 173-174:
    On the other, the self was also confirmed as authentic via a process of interaction, whereby Fry answered and apologised to his critic for the subsequent abuse he received on Twitter – 'Pls accept my apols ... I feel more sheepish than a sheep'.
  • 2011, Jen Chaney, "Rob Lowe won't replace Charlie Sheen, and Sheen issues 'an apol' to Jon Cryer", The Washington Post, 10 March 2011:
    Also, don't forget to join today's Celebritology discussion at 2 p.m. EST, where I plan to issue "apols" to the readers, and readers are free to yell at me for spending too much money on pillows.
  • 2013, Robert Hudson, The Dazzle, Jonathan Cape (2013), ISBN 9780224097154, page 68:
    Apols if this letter is a disarray, but my head is like a drum made of cymbals.