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English citations of architourist

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  • 1991 — "Chicago's Good Place to Indulge Edifice Complex", St. Paul Pioneer Press, 9 June 1991:
    There is so much to see in Chicago that it can be more than a little confusing for the would-be architourist.
  • 2002 — "Bartlesville landmark getting new life", Ellensburg Daily Record, 17 July 2002:
    Richard Townsend, executive director of Price Tower, said he expects the building to draw many "architourists."
  • 2005 — Craig Kellogg, "T+L Reports: The Figge Idea", Travel + Lesiure, August 2005:
    Eero Saarinen's celebrated 1964 Illinois headquarters for Deere & Co.—a favorite with architourists—now has an innovative neighbor across the Mississippi River, in downtown Davenport, Iowa: the stunningly modern $42.1 million Figge Art Museum [] that has replaced the smaller Davenport Museum.
  • 2006 — Bridget Moriarty, "Guidebook Report", Travel + Leisure, October 2006:
    Plus, they give 24-hour itineraries to make the most of a short trip, "escapes" from the big city, architourist must-sees, and stylish spa and fitness suggestions.
  • 2007 — David LeBlanc, "The ultimate interactive website for armchair architourists", Globe and Mail, 19 January 2007:
    Along with his camera, this first-class architourist carries a list of 1,100 buildings that need to be added to his site. He hopes to cross them all off by 2008, when he gets a six-month leave from work. Regardless, the creator of the armchair architourist website has benefited greatly from this labour of love.
  • 2008 — David LeBlanc, "A chance to peek inside the city's great spaces", Globe and Mail, 23 May 2008:
    As your intrepid architourist, I visited two of the latter: Christie Mansion/Fontbonne Hall at 90 Wellesley St. West, which will become home to the University of Toronto's Regis College (a.k.a. the Jesuit graduate school of theology) in September 2009, and Friends House at 60 Lowther Ave. in the Annex, which has been home to Toronto Quakers since 1949.
  • 2008 — David R. Hirschman, "Modernist marvels: A worldwide tour of architecture's spare structures", USA Today, 9 June 2008:
    For architourists who need to economize their time abroad, Ockman suggests looking for a "cluster" of structures.
  • 2009 — Suzanne LaBarre, "Life After Sambo", Metropolis, 22 July 2009:
    How to deal with the faintly pornographic aspect of it all, the sudden onslaught of architourists, the privation hounds who’d pilgrimage through dusty back roads seeking the Ricketts family redivivus?
  • 2009 — Paul Clements, "Tel Aviv: Miami of the Middle East", Telegraph, 25 November 2009:
    Architourists and cineastes alike will enjoy the 82-room Hotel Cinema [] set inside a former Bauhaus-designed film theatre []
  • 2011 — Daniel L. Purdy, On The Ruins of Babel: Architectural Metaphor in German Thought, Cornell University Press (2011), ISBN 9780801476761, page 215:
    As an architourist, Goethe invents a second, nonimagistic boundary between the work of art and its environment that restores the blank spaces of the book, through which the building was first apprehended.