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English citations of atmo-sphæra


ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1684, John Wilkins, The Diſcovery of a New World; fourth edition, page #107:
    ’Tis obſerved in the Solary Eclipſes, that there is ſometimes a great Trepidation about the Body of the Moon, from which we may likewiſe argue an Atmo‐ſphæra, ſince we cannot well conceive what ſo probably a cauſe there ſhould be of ſuch an appearance as this, Quod radii Solares à vaporibus Lunam ambientibus fuerint interciſi, that the Sun‐beams were broken and refracted by the Vapours that encompaſſed the Moon.