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English citations of automatic caution door

sense: a door with the sign "automatic caution door" on it[edit]

  • 1999 March 19, Leah C. Bridgers <>, "Re: New Album Name - IRC style", message-ID <>,, Usenet [1]:
    Leah (someone else amused by automatic caution doors)
  • 2000 August 9, "Ellen" <>, "Re: quit smoking 'for the chiiiiiiildrun'", message-ID <8msbq2$b16$0@>,, Usenet [2]:
    I do feel sorry for the poor Slow Children At Play, however. How humiliating for them.
    *giggle* The much-older brother of my best friend in high school had a band by this name. Never failed to piss people off, even when he joked that he and his buddies were the slow children in question.
    Did they practice in a building with an Automatic Caution Door? :)