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English citations of bang flag gun and bang-flag gun

  • 1997 March 5, Smith, E. Z., “The History Of Practical Jokes #2 (jk2m.jpg)”, in rec.humor, Usenet[1], message-ID <5fk4be$2ic$>:
    John Wilkes Booth, actor/inventor, is credited with devising the first bang-flag gun, which he introduced to the American public in 1865.
  • 2000 January 29, IowaSt 88, “Legends of Batman - THE JOKER”, in, Usenet[2], message-ID <>:
    The Joker with snapping jaw and bang flag gun.
  • 2008 October 14, Mike, “Wanna know how I got these scars? They were $3.49 . . .”, in The Sockpuppet Asylum[3]:
    "I'm going all out with the props. A rubber fish with a big smile, a bang flag gun, and a kazoo. . . ."
  • 2011 September 20, D’Alesandro, Dennis, “Belknapʼs bizarro world at Rebekah Templeton”, in The Art Blog[4]:
    I was waiting to be offered an exploding cigar and then shot with a bang flag gun!
  • 2011 October 15, Gaffney, Jesse, “Bang-Flag gun”, in Theatre Projects[5]:
    For Goodnight Moon there is a bit where one of the characters uses an old cartoon-y bang-flag gun.
  • 2012 September 25, Hamilton, Mary, “The Gobstopper Job: stereotypes, shortcuts and stealing sweets”, in newsmary[6], retrieved 2012-12-14:
    The players for each run had to pick a character class – a single thing they could do – and with it came a prop with which they could do it. Gunmen had a little bang-flag gun that let them incapacitate one policeman.
  • 2012 November 29, “Dean Winchester with BANG Flag Gun”, in pandawhale[7], retrieved 2012-11-30: