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English citations of beaux idéals

  1. Plural form of beau idéal.
    • 1848, Ann Sophia Stephens & Rufus Wilmot Griswold, Graham’s American Monthly Magazine of Literature, Art, and Fashion, page 26:
      He took a poetical view of religion, politics, morals, society, and state; the Chambers were to him but the medium for the realization of his beaux idéals. But it must not be imagined that Lamartine’s beaux idéals had a distinct form, definitive outlines, or distinguishing lights and shades.
    • 1873: John H. Hogan, The Medea of Euripides: with an introduction and explanatory notes for schools, ppXV{1} & XLI{2}
      {1}Both these speeches are beaux idéals of what a speech from a dishonoured wife, a…
      {2}…but as a rule, it is the Chorus which speaks Euripides’ sentiments and not the actors, except such beaux idéals as Theseus.
    • 1873: R.R. Bowker Company, Publishers’ Board of Trade (U.S.), Book Trade Association of Philadelphia, American Book Trade Union, and Am. Book Trade Association; The Publishers Weekly, p119
      The same beaux idéals head the list of the “good guys” and the same laggards lag.
    • 1887, [SIX MEMBERS OF] The Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain, Proceedings…, page 535:
      We expected to see a fine wild savage race, picturesquely dressed, riding furiously on gallant horses, the beaux-idéals of…
    • 1904, Harlan Page Beach, India and Christian Opportunity, page 146:
      While Moslem fakirs differ somewhat from the Hindu Yogis, they are alike the beaux idéals of the two great creeds.
    • 1962, Donald A Ringe, James Fenimore Cooper, page 73:
      A few, however, were original creations, characters whose competent features perhaps had some precedence in men Cooper had known but whose total personalities he heightened until they became the beaux idéals of a new type of seaman.
    • 1964, Edmund O. Stillman & William Pfaff, The Politics of Hysteria: The Sources of Twentieth-century Conflict, page 102:
      In India, in Indochina, in China, the Japanese modernists emerged as the beaux idéals of the Asians; everywhere in Asia the myth of the invincible white man was destroyed.
    • 1991, Michael Sorkin, The Exquisite Corpse: Writing on Buildings, page 162:
      The unbuilt project is a highpoint in functionalist expressionism and remains (along with Pier Luigi Nervi’s amazing spans in concrete) one of the beaux-idéals of modernist enclosure.