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English citations of beef injection

Noun: "(slang, vulgar) sexual intercourse"[edit]

1979 1987 1996 2006 2008 2010
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  • 1979Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir, Bay City Blast,, ISBN 9780759251694, page 68:
    "I'd give you a beef injection, lady," Baker saw himself saying.
  • 1987Robert B. Parker, Pale Kings and Princes, Dell Publishing (1987), ISBN 9780307569905, unnumbered page:
    "Maybe she care to try my famous African beef injection," Hawk said.
  • 1996Barbara Mikulski & Marylouise Oates, Capitol Offense, Dutton (1996), ISBN 9780525942146, page 72:
    "DeSantis told me that I just needed an Italian beef injection to clear out my system. I told him I didn't listen to language like that. To please get out of my office. []
  • 2006 — Avram Mednick, Sidewinders, iUniverse (2006), ISBN 9780595412488, page 22:
    "Here we are, two hot, nubile chicks in the Village, seeking a timely beef injection, and we can't score."
  • 2008 — James M. Campbell, One Night in the House of the Creepy Santas, Icarus Press Publishing (2008), ISBN 9781456521301, page 2:
    Nope. She needed a shot of genuine Doc vaccine. A high-protein beef injection. Right between the legs, for maximum efficacy.
  • 2010 — Stephen Blankenship, Wild: Teen Odyssey, AuthorHouse (2010), ISBN 9781456722012, page 90:
    Biggy imagined some out-of-sight bitch in the back seat with her legs spread, blouse ripped open, bra up under her chin, getting a beef injection.
  • 2010 — Ingrid Holm-Garibay, Letters from Frank: An American Terrorist's Life, Dorrance Publishing Co. (2010), ISBN 9780805975192, page 120:
    Regardless how conception is achieved, certain basics are read: One female egg plus one male sperm, out of the zillion male sperms delivered by "beef injection," only one is going to fertilize the egg.
  • 2010 — Ann Lloyd, Vodka on My Wheaties, Biographical Publishing Company (2010), ISBN 9781929882571, page 255:
    Unfortunately, all he had for female newcomers, besides the void within to carry the message, was a beef injection and the poor man could not even bring that to pass.
  • 2010Mary Monroe, God Ain't Through Yet, Dafina Books (2010), ISBN 9780758238603, unnumbered page:
    And another thing, as far as I know, she has never said that she's still a virgin anyway, right? I mean, before Pee Wee gave her a beef injection…"