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English citations of beer parlour

  • 19XX — He went out once to make a phone call from a beer parlor. — Raymond Chandler, Stories and Early Novels, 1995
  • 19XX — Her voice lacked the edgy twang of a beer-parlor frill. — Raymond Chandler, Stories and Early Novels, 1995
  • 1935 — He went out once to make a phone call from a beer parlor. — Raymond Chandler, Nevada Gas, Chapter 10
  • 1936 — The car slid along Los Angeles to Fifth, east to San Pedro, south again for block after block, quiet blocks and loud blocks, blocks where silent men sat on shaky front porches and blocks where noisy young toughs of both colors snarled and wisecracked at one another in front of cheap restaurants and drugstores and beer parlors full of slot machines. — Raymond Chandler, Pickup on Noon Street, Chapter 3
  • 1939 — "Beer-parlor drunks are all the customers nova." — Raymond Chandler, I'll be Waiting
  • 1940 — She has a yarn about a beer parlor where a car started from and followed them, but what does that amount to- — Raymond Chandler, Farewell my Lovely, Chapter 19
  • 19XX — ... or hadn't taken Mrs. Grayle to the Troc or hadn't gone home the way he did, past that beer parlor, the holdup couldn't have been brought off. — Raymond Chandler, Stories and Early Novels, 1995
  • 1943 — For this Mildred Haviland met a man named Bill Chess in a Riverside beer parlor and for reasons of her own married him and went to live with him at Little Fawn Lake. — Raymond Chandler, The Lady in the Lake, Chapter 27
  • 1948-1949 — The attractive Café Oriental. Dovecot, a beer parlour. The slow-moving, long-bearded proprietor. His wife drew the beer. Franz Kafka, Diaries of Franz Kafka, 1910-1923, Translated by Joseph Kresh and Hannah Arendt
  • 1969 — "Don't talk like that, girl. I'll ask over by the beer parlor. I'll hang around Sunday mass. I'll find out his name." — John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces. Page 186
  • 1971 — They went to a beer parlor at one of the distant edges of Los Angeles, where they would be left alone, and in bleak misery reviewed ... — James A. Michener, Drifters
  • 1973 — Having checked the German beer parlor-and noted that it had suddenly changed its name to "The Swiss Garden"-he went into the pool hall. — Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love
  • 1978 — When the loungers in the candy store and the beer parlor back in Powtanville catcalled at him, it seemed that this man had been among them, silent and thoughtful. — Stephen King, The Stand
  • 1991 — The Gambrinus beer-parlour was situated on Vasily Island. — David McDuff, Notes on Chater 7 of Crime and Punishment
  • 2000 — The beer parlour. Men are gathered in a clump outside it. — Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin
  • 2003 — ... Fugitives & Refugees once a major combination of gambling hall, beer parlor, and whorehouse, boasting the longest bar in the world. — Chuck Palahniuk, Fugitives and Refugees : A Walk in Portland, Oregon