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English citations of begathon

1985 1990 1993 1997 1999 2002
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  • 1985 — "Taping Live Aid: A Primer for Fanatics", San Jose Mercury News, 12 July 1985:
    So if you'll be videotaping from this television source, and aren't eager to preserve the celebrity begathon messages and updated dollar tallies along with the all-star music, be prepared to make regular use of your VCR's start, stop and pause buttons.
  • 1990 — "Gathers Footage Provokes Few Complaints", Philadelphia Inquirer, 6 March 1990:
    WHYY-TV (Channel 12) opened its annual March begathon Saturday, hoping to raise $1.4 million by March 18.
  • 1993 — "New Children's Series Is Worthy of Appluse", Philadelphia Inquirer, 5 August 1993:
    PBS's heaviest hitter, Bill Moyers, is coming to town to help out with the Channel 12 begathon - uh, pledge drive - this month.
  • 1997 — Marc Fisher, "A Tsunami's First Ripples: Takeovers of Local Stations Have Had Little Effect on the Air. So Far.", Washington Post, 25 February 1997:
    It's begathon time again on the public stations, though given all the advertising they carry these days, it's a wonder that so many listeners are still willing to contribute.
  • 1999 — "Kinder, gentler Jerry springs a new act", Toronto Star, 3 June 1999:
    PBS' Channel 17 is going into its begathon mode again. If you're planning to contribute, you might ask why WNED doesn't air so much of the fine programming the PBS network boasts.
  • 2002 — Dan McFadden, Cheechako, Writers Press Club (2002), →ISBN, page 12:
    Within a half an hour, the phones throughout the governor's mansion pealed, as if public television begathon night.
  • 2002 — Robert Feder, "'Chicago guy' Bob Sirott signs on at Channel 11", Chicago Sun-Times, 21 June 2002:
    In an unscheduled "emergency fund-raiser," WFMT netted $150000 in a three-day begathon that ended Thursday.