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English citations of billy and cookware

  • "I'll send the kid down with the thing and a billy of milk." - "The Woman at the Store", from "Selected Short Stories" by Katherine Mansfield (first published in 1912)

Billy in Australian literature[edit]

  • "The swagman tramping ’cross the plain;
    Good Lord, there’s nothing sadder,
    Except the dog that slopes behind
    His master like a shadder;
    The turkey-tail to scare the flies,
    The water-bag and billy;
    The nose-bag getting cruel light,
    The traveller getting silly."
    - Henry Lawson, But What’s the Use
  • "'I’m going to knock off work and try to make some money,' said Mitchell, as he jerked the tea-leaves out of his pannikin and reached for the billy..."
    - Henry Lawson, Mitchell’s Jobs
  • "The hatter warmed up the tea-billy again, got out some currant buns, which he had baked himself in the camp-oven..."
    - Henry Lawson, The House that was Never Built
  • "Then he went to the camp-fire to try some potatoes which were boiling in their jackets in a billy, and to see about frying some chops for dinner."
    - Henry Lawson, The Loaded Dog
  • "Then he lifted his swag quietly from the end of the floor, shouldered it, took up his water-bag and billy, and sneaked over the road, away from the place, like a thief."
    - Henry Lawson, An Incident at Stiffner’s
  • "And he sang as he watched and waited 'til his billy boiled..."
    - Banjo Patterson, Waltzing Matilda (song)