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English citations of binorm

1. A norm

  • 2010 Boris F. Samsonov, SUSY transformations with complex factorization constants. Application to spectral singularities, arXiv
    It is also shown that the continuous spectrum eigenfunction has zero binorm at the singular point.
  • 2007 Uwe Günther et al., Projective Hilbert space structures at exceptional points
    The bi-orthogonality (10) of Φ± and Φ is compatible with the coalescence of the lines due to the vanishing bi-norm χ0Tχ0 = 0, i.e. the isotropy of χ0 — a generic fact holding for the (geometric) eigenvector at any EP [2, 44].

2. Abbrevation of 'bivariate standard normal distribution'.

  • 2013 Chunyang Li, "Probability Estimation in Random Forests", thesis
    I would like to further explore why this happens by doing more different simulations for the binorm model and thinking about it theoretically. Sample size has even more infuence according to the misclassifcation error rate measurement, it is worthwhile to find out the reasons.