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English citations of blastoplast

  • 1990: John “Ish” Ishmael, The Black Bug: The Second Black Holocaust, chapter eleven: “The Traid Is Exposed”, page unknown (Xlibris; ISBN 0973966208 Invalid ISBN
    “Please understand, Magnus,” Vorster replied, “there is no apparent damage, per se, to out genes or chromosomes. This invidious virus appears to establish a symbiotic relationship within our gene pool. It appears to migrate to our sperm and ova, hence also affecting the blastoplast. This, of course, becomes the fetus; it is this fetus – our progeny – which now has a changed genetic code.” The men nodded their understanding and Vorster continued. “Therefore, if we deactivate the virus while it is within our body, or before it infects us, we can hope for normal offspring.”