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English citations of blidget

Noun: "(slang, Internet) in the context of blogging, a widget featuring a blog feed, which can be installed on another blog or website"[edit]

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  • 2007, Robert Strohmeyer, "The 15 Best Web Apps You've Never Heard Of", Maximum PC, October 2007:
    Widgetbox also gives you the tools to create your own widgets— either by turning your blog into a "blidget" that others can subscribe to or by coding something unique and adding it to the Widgetbox collection.
  • 2008, Diane L. Schrecker, "Outreach and Information: Blogs in the Academic Library", in Thinking Outside the Book: Essays for Innovative Librarians (ed. Carol Smallwood), McFarland & Company (2008), ISBN 9780786435753, page 52:
    Investigate the “blidget.” It will make your blog a small widget capable of being added to any existing Web page or other blog.
  • 2008, Diana Ransom, "Starting Up: Small Biz Tech Speak", The Wall Street Journal, 30 April 2008:
    In particular, a "blidget" allows users to display a section of their blog on other web sites.
  • 2008, Dan Farber, "Widgetbox turns on 'Blog Network'", CNET, 19 September 2008:
    "To date, widgets don't have the concept of a network effect. The more people who use them, the more utility is created for individual users. Given bloggers are one of our largest user sources, taking a blidget (RSS feeds turned into a widget) from a single source, and sharing it with the community, and showcasing it in the channel, and having leaderboard benefits bloggers, online content publishers, and advertisers," he added. "The new channels extend reach, drive traffic, improve brand awareness for bloggers."
  • 2009, Deltina Hay, A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the Social Web, Dalton Publishing (2009), ISBN 9780981744384, page 236:
    Figure 9.22 on Page 235 shows the finished blidget for Social Media Power. Widgetbox blidgets like the one we just created are free, but they also offer a pro version for around $30 a year that allows you to design custom themes for you blidget, among other features.