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English citations of blizzaster

2011 2012
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  • 2011 — Mary Rakoczy, "Post your blizzard photos on", TribLocal, 1 February 2011:
    Whether you are weathering the storm by building snowmen or plowing through piles of snow on your driveway, TribLocal is asking for photos of how you honor Old Man Winter. And if you want to stay in the comfort of your home, just post a photo of your backyard blizzaster.
  • 2011 — Melissa Bell, "Blizzaster 2011: This is what's happening up above", Washington Post, 2 February 2011 (used in title only)
  • 2011 — Joseph Erbentraut, "Race for mayor, the gay vote: mayoral mania wrap-up",, 16 February 2011:
    Because of a last-minute double-booking with a rescheduled debate sponsored by the Chicago Defender (who had canceled their previous engagement due to the blizzaster earlier in the month), all of the candidates scrambled in their attempts to make both events, with Emanuel, Braun and del Valle ultimately doing so.
  • 2012 — "The most-read stories of 2011 from Elmhurst", TribLocal, 4 January 2012:
    One of the biggest web features of 2011 was a photo gallery of the best reader-submitted photos from last February’s Groundhog Day “blizzaster.”