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  1. English citations of blurst

Meaning unknown...

    • 1974, James F. Hoy, John L. Somer - The Language Experience - Page 200
      But what was the function, the "it" of the blurst ...
      And this was an important example of why the blurst ...
      ...blurst condriction...

Jocular interpretation of worst

  1. 2005, Chris Turner - Planet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Defined a Generation
    • a room containing a thousand monkeys banging away at a thousand typewriters (one has thus far come up with "It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times")
  2. 2010, Dan Heuser - Newsobserver: Good, bad and blurst
    • This was indeed the blurst tomato year I've ever had.
  3. 2013, Josh Kurp - Uproxx: The 15 Best And Blurst Moments From The 2013 Emmys

Referencing jocular interpretation of worst (assumably)

    • 2005, Rhiannon Guy, Emma Jones - The Shakespeare Companion
      That is according to the blurst of times' as the opening sen- Infinite-Monkey Theorem.

Meaning unknown... (possibly burst?)

    • 1950, Feike Feikema - The Brother - Page 360
      have felt toward the artist-amongst-workers idea had been drained off by Jack Dagger's blurst.


    • 1951, Frederick Feikema Manfred - The Giant - Page 79
      The moment the searing coffee touched his lip Ring let out a blurst of air ...


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