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English citations of boatlet

  • 1861: The Knickerbocker, volume 2, page 558
    The young ladies’ essays embrace every topic, from ‘ Dress ’ up to ‘ Patriotism,’ and abound in euphuistic aphorisms, generally misquoted, and diminutives in let. In describing a sail upon the lake, the ‘ gently gliding boatlet ’ is alluded to, whereupon a crusty old cus — tomer, who is a deacon in the church, an a practical man, suggests to his neighbor that skifflet would do just as well.
  • 1949: Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, volume 85, page 79 (Johns Hopkins Press)
    [] there is such a state of capillary dilatation with slowing of the blood current that each little boatlet of blood cannot discharge its proper cargo and to make up for this failure more are put into circulation, the antithesis of the condition existing at high altitudes when as each little boatlet cannot get a sufficient cargo of oxygen in the space of time it remains in the lung capillaries, three are sent out to do the work for which two usually suffice.
  • 1968: Rointan Framroze Bunshah (editor), Techniques of Metals Research, volume 1, part 2, page 820 (Interscience Publishers)
    Fig. 31. (a) Liquid aluminum balls freely suspended in boatlet inductor. (b) Liquid aluminum rod freely suspended in boatlet inductor.¹³
  • 2008: Margo Lanagan, Tender Morsels, page 329 (Allen & Unwin; →ISBN
    Through the town she had moved like a boatlet being poled across a mirror lake.