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English citations of bogon

  • 1996, Richard Kaszeta, "Its getting weirder....", at alt.sysadmin.recovery, Apr 5 1996
    Then the bogon source emits another bogon, annihilates the cluon, and the luser forgets that there was ever a clue there in the first place. This also explains another phonomena: Two lusers together have more cluelessness then two lusers would have if you just simply combined their cluelessness if they were ...
  • 1999, Charlie Stross, "How many wheels does your hovercraft have?", at alt.sysadmin.recovery, Jan 11 1999
    The banking industry is a potent bogon source. I _have_ encountered banking IT staff who know what they're doing. I have also encountered banking IT staff ... make money if I can't come up with answers for them) and emanate from an organisation so cluon-deficient that even in 1999 they don't have an email system. ...
  • 2003, James Calder, About Face: A Bill Damen Mystery, page 72
    "I hate those events," Rod said. "Nothing but head-patting and bogon flux. It's business, not a love affair."
  • 2006, Charles Stross, The Atrocity Archives, page 45
    Fred was a waste of airspace and one of the most powerful bogon emitters in the Laundry."