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English citations of boomsayer

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  • 1976 — Alan Chalkley, "The swing to the right — a refreshing wind of change", Asian Finance, Volume 2, Number 8, November/December 1976:
    The year 1976 began with high hopes. The stock markets took a euphoric upswing on January 1. But by the end of April, uncertainties began to obtrude, and for the rest of the year, it has been a battle between the doomsayers and the boomsayers. Who will win out?
  • 1990 — "'Megatrends' authors are at it again: More peace, prosperity for the '90s", The Washington Times, 24 January 1990:
    "Megatrends 2000" enters a market now swamped with forecasters - doomsayers and boomsayers alike.
  • 1991 — "Mayberry No More: Some See Alpharetta Rivaling Downtown", The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 24 June 1991:
    Others argue that the boomsayers are just pipe-dreaming. Neighborhood activist Judy Webb, for one, predicts the city and Fulton County won't be able to provide sufficient water and sewer treatment capacity to to accommodate all the buildings city officials anticipate.
  • 1993 — "Boomers, Doomers Give Opposite Views", The Christian Science Monitor, 14 May 1993:
    Somehow there's always a market for books by doomsayers -- or, for that matter, "boomsayers."
  • 1996 — Bob Fishburn, "Experts Say the World Is Getting Better and Better", Roanoke Times & World News, 7 April 1996:
    "The State of Humanity" is a ringing chorus of good tidings...Thus the volume, tough going in places because of an eye-glazing number of charts and statistics, is the boomsayer's answer to the omnipresent doomsayers, who, Simon says, have been wrong in all of their bleak forecasts for the past 30 years.
  • 2005 — Gautam Chikermane & Sunit Arora, "Retail investor response must be measured: Chidambaram", Indian Express, 10 July 2005:
    At close to 7,300 points — its highest ever — the Sensex is at a heady high. And while financial soothsayers fluctuate between being boomsayers and doomsayers, who best to ask for advice than Finance Minister P. Chidambaram?
  • 2007 —The Daily Star, 30 March 2007:
    Doomsayers have been always talking about the bleak future. In contrast, boomsayers have been few, people who reposed their trust in the future of this nation.
  • 2011 — Kam Wing Chan, "The myth of China’s urbanisation", East Asia Forum, 19 August 2011:
    Not surprisingly, China has been considered the poster child for this linear model of rural–urban shift and accompanying inexorable consumption growth. To the China ‘boomsayer’, even more impressive consumption is yet to come: another 300–400 million rural dwellers will be converted into city folks in the next 15 years.
  • 2011 — John Boland, "The many faces of Bertie revealed in documentary", Irish Independent, 6 September 2011:
    We also bought into the notion of Bertie the Boomsayer, assuring us that we never had it so good and that it was only going to get better and better and never mind the naysayers.