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English citations of c**ksucker

  • 2006, Tim Goodman, San Francisco Chronicle, HBO Live Blog; Sopranos Date Change, Shifting Blame On Deadwood, Is Curb Coming Back And Is The Wire Pulling A Deadwood[1]
    Tim I hope you tell the soulless c**ksuckers at HBO to go f*ck themselves. I'm canceling my subscription
  • 2007,, WHAT YOU WON’T SEE DURING FLAVOR FLAV ROAST: Censors were kept busy during curse-filled evening.[2]
    Among the words allowed on the air were c**t, c**ksucker and the N-word, according to
  • 2007, Jeffrey Lane, Under the Boards: The Cultural Revolution in Basketball p. 178
    When he was angry, which was often, the term "c — ksucker" replaced people's names.