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English: to ride in a cab[edit]

  • 1905, Louis Becke, Tom Gerrard, page 178
    I won't 'ave it, even if yer are a cabbing passinger.
  • 1922, Oliver Herford, Neither here nor there, George H. Doran, page 42
    If I am not very much mistaken the cost of cabbing so far from not rising has actually fallen in the last ten years and that brings me to my great invention.
  • 2008, Janet Lin, Bones, Season 4, "The Skull in the Sculpture", 0:1:43 (DVD subtitles)
    Okay, one more. One more. I'm cabbing it.
  • 2010, Andrew Hempstead, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island For Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0470156066,page 184
    Cabbing It / Hailing a cab from the street is possible,...