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English citations of camikini

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  • 1999 — Polly Rayner, "The two-for-one suit", Morning Call, 18 February 1999 (image caption):
    Jill Batelman (left) models an Anne Cole-designed tankini, while Katie Bennett (center) wears the ever-popular one-piece tank suit by Catalinee and Melissa Kise models a camikini, also by Anne Cole.
  • 1999 — Marisa Fox, "Tropical Punch", Chicago Tribune, 28 February 1999:
    But this year, it has blossomed into a variety of configurations, from the string camikini, a camisole-like top that makes for a sexier silhouette, to mix-and-match tops and bottoms that allow for greater versatility and a more athletic look.
  • 1999 — Becky Homan, "Tankini Goes Over the Top", St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3 April 1999:
    Camikini is an even odder name for a camisolelike top, with spaghetti straps instead of tank-shaped straps, over a bikini bottom.
  • 1999 — Anne Braskeir, "Tanks a Lot", Newsday, 3 June 1999:
    It now includes the camikini (camisole top) and bandikini (tube top).
  • 2000 — "New generation of tankinis is ready to go for a swim", The Detroit News, 19 May 2000:
    One of the updates is the camikini for those who want to show more skin.
  • 2000 — Linda Gillian Griffin, "What's hot at the beach? It's whatever suits you", Houston Chronicle, 25 May 2000:
    This year, the new buzzword is camikini — a combination of a camisolelike top with a bikini bottom.
  • 2001 — "One-piece suits make a splash at the beach", The Detroit News, 15 June 2001:
    For the past few years, designers have leaned toward the tankini, camikini and bandini.
  • 2002 — "Prada-style swimsuits make a splash", The Detroit News, 1 February 2002:
    Find a floral camikini suit in a Prada-style ink/white print from La Blanca for $86 through Spiegel (800) SPIEGEL or
  • 2006 — Kristen Coppock, "60 and still going strong", Burlington County Times, 18 June 2006:
    Over the years, a number of bikini varieties and variations have sprung up, including the tankini, the camikini and the bandini.