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English citations of catataxis

  • 1956, A F Parker-Rhodes, An electronic computer program for translating Chinese into English, in Mechanical Translation:
    The required information is supplied in the source text in the form of a simply-ordered series of symbols. [] The method of catataxis which I have worked out is of the algorithmic type.
  • 1991, R L Sanz, The limits of tanslation: the untranslatable, in Actas de las II Jornadas de Lengua y Literatura ...:
    [] a substance by means of a form; the opposition and interdependence between signifier and signified, between expression and content, between system and text, between paradigmatic and syntagmatic, and the three main syntactic functions: parataxis, hipotaxis[sic] and catataxis.
  • 2001, Lars Heltoft, Recasting Danish subjects, in Jan Terje Faarlund, Grammatical relations in change, page 176:
    No content distinction will be needed that does not find its own mark at the level of expression. One way dependency relations (hypotaxis) will not suffice. In the vein of Jespersen and Hjelmslev I shall employ two way dependency relations as well (nexus or catataxis). The relations between subject, finite verb and object are the aim of our analysis and simple enough to serve as our example, too.
    Dependency relations can be seen as abstract relations of governance between syntactic categories, [] . Viewed at the level of abstract categorial dependency or governance, the relation between subject and finite verb is catataxis, the relation between finite verb and direct object is hypotaxis:
    (4) Subject ↔ Verb → Object

Spanish citations of catataxis

  • 1971, Georges Mounin, Los problemas teóricos de la traducción, page 238:
    [] la oposición y la interdependencia entre significante y significado, entre expresión y contenido, entre sistema y texto, entre paradigmático y sintagmático; las tres grandes funciones sintácticas (parataxis, hipotaxis y catataxis) []
  • 1979, Jean-Pierre Corneille, La lingüística estructural: su proyección, sus límites, page 36:
    [] presencia universal de las tres grandes funciones sintácticas (parataxis, hipotaxis, catataxis). Sin duda alguna esta lista no es exhaustiva; cabría añadir, por ejemplo, la existencia de los fonemas, de los fenómenos []