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English citations of celeripedean

  • 1927 July, Arthur G. Kennedy, "Hothouse Words versus Slang"[1], American Speech volume 2 number 10, page 418:
    To prove my contention, and at the same time to show the awful possibilities inherent in the pages of that great storehouse of the living and the dead, the New English Dictionary, or so-called Oxford English Dictionary, I have made with the help of Blount's Glossographia a sample of hothouse English which I will also translate into standard and into colloquial English. It is as follows:
    When the old piscary had terminated the disquamation of his piscatorial acquests except those which had been too badly deculcated in the boat, and had wearily deposited them in the proper receptacle, he proceeded to diffibulate the soiled coat that he wore, deloricate the old rags that were bound about his legs, and decalceate. For a moment he remained decumbent in the shadow of the succiduous old shed, gazing out over the fluctisonant water. Then, with a luctisonant sigh expressive of the displicience that he experienced over the realization that he was senescent and readily defatigable, and approperating the anxiferous time of life, he slowly and with laboriferous effort arose and, with a decutient shrug of his stooped shoulders, as tho to desarcinate himself of funebrous thoughts, departed at a pace very different from the celeripedean gait of pristine years.