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English citations of chacun à son goût

1861, various authors, The New Monthly Magazine, page 28:

De Vigne laughed. "Well a man can't tumble about in the world, if he has any brains at all, without learning something; but my dear fellow, that's all 'superficial', they'll tell you; and it is atrociously bad taste to study leading articles instead of Greek unities. 'Chacun à son goût', you know."

1868, Charles Dickens, All Year Round, page 110:

"Chacun à son goût, said Bernard, shrugging his shoulders. "If she finds us amusing, I shall think she has a little fund of amusement within herself."

2007, James Legge, I Ching: Or, the Book of Changes, page 155:

The symbolism of 'buttocks' is rather a favourite with the Duke of Kâu. 'Chacun à son goût'.