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English citations of chickenability

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  • 2001 — Karen Dempsey, "High Octane Mr Cane", Grocer, 24 March 2001:
    "So what we're doing is introducing chickenability to it -- making it accessible in all its forms, doing all the work for you and taking all the nasties away."
  • 2002 — "Sales in the pink: can salmon become the new poultry?", Grocer, 26 January 2002:
    Leading branded fish supplier Young's certainly sees the emulating of chicken as the way forward to tap a great potential and has come up with the buzzword 'Chickenability'.
  • 2002 — "Brand revitalisation of the year", Marketing, 20 June 2002:
    What marketers termed 'chickenability' meant developing modern products that offered convenience and interest, and would become a regular part of the shopping basket.
  • 2005 — Owen Hembry, "Seafood industry gets added-value message", New Zealand Hearald, 23 May 2005:
    Jeremy Horton, category development director for Young's Bluecrest Seafood, one of Britain's largest seafood companies, told a packed hall about "chickenability".
  • 2007 — Globalisation and Fisheries: Proceedings of an OECD-FAO Workshop, ISBN 9789264037762, page 50:
    Peeled and cooked shrimp has already found a place in the convenience market, but there is not yet a finfish species that can take on the mantle of "chickenability", but perhaps that time may not be far off for tilapia or basa catfish.