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English citations of cissplain and cisplain

  • 2010 May 31, Nancy, “How to deal with being racist”, in Sick Sad World[1], retrieved 2012-09-18:
    Don't mansplain, whitesplain, straightsplain, cissplain, etc. Respect people’s right to self-define.
  • 2010 November 4, Grey, Garland, quoting a letter, “Grey Areas: Sad, Mopey Post Election Edition”, in Tiger Beatdown[2], retrieved 2012-09-18:
    But still, I get frustrated when cis people try to cissplain to me basic things about gender and transness that I already know, or ignore repeated requests to call me a “trans woman” rather than a “male-to-female transsexual”, or tell me that they “understand” what it must be like for me because this one time in school somebody called them a member of the opposite sex and that made them cry, or whatever.
  • 2011 January 7, fireofanger, “Textbook cissexism!”, in Anger Is Justified[3], retrieved 2012-09-18:
    No. It’s not. Quit trying to cissplain at me. And don’t laugh at my need not to be known as my assigned sex.
  • 2012 February 3, Reed, Natalie, “How To Ask A Trans Person Questions Without Being Insensitive About It”, in Sincerely, Natalie Reed[4], retrieved 2012-09-18:
    Don’t ask us about transgenderism only to cissplain how we’re still “really” our birth sex and always will be.
  • 2015 February 2, Daum, Meghan, “Remember political correctness? It's back, frothing at the mouth and at hurricane force”, in Los Angeles Times[5], retrieved 2016-10-21:
    A few weeks ago, when I wrote a column about the suicide of a transgender teenager, I was pilloried on Twitter for "cisplaining."
  • 2015 March 15, Mott, Stephanie, “Cisplaining, Mind-Reading and Other Mystic Powers of Anti-Trans Experts”, in The Huffington Post[6], retrieved 2016-10-21:
    In the same way, cisplaining is when a cisgender person (someone who is not transgender) assumes to have more knowledge about what it’s like to be transgender than a transgender person does... The ones who cisplain often say that a person's gender is defined by their biological birth sex.
  • 2016 September 10, Lepic, Ryan, “Lexical blends and lexical patterns in English and in American Sign Language”, in Jenny Audring; Francesca Masini; Wendy Sandler, editors, Online Proceedings of the Tenth Mediterranean Morphology Meeting[7], retrieved 2016-10-21, page 105:
    Here as well, with mansplain and whitesplaining, we see that the relatively more-established blend mansplaining serves as the basis for the formation of other blends referring to other kinds of privilege. This pattern has been extended not only to form whitesplaining 'white condescension', but also yields other new words, including straightsplaining 'heterosexual condescension', cissplaining 'cisgendered condescension', and geeksplaining 'over-explaining to assumed non-experts'.