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English citations of clicko

Adjective: "(dated, entertainment) extremely good or successful"[edit]

1943 1947 1948 1951 1956
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1943The Nebraska State Journal (newspaper), 3 October 1943, Lincoln, Nebraska:
    Miss Home was clicko with the Gershwin classic, "Embraceable You" as a singing spot.
  • 1947 — Don Marshall, "Leon & Eddies, New York", The Billboard, 15 February 1947:
    He started off slowly and didn't get going until the middle of the show when he was clicko.
  • 1948 — Charles J. Lazarus, "Gayety, Montreal", The Billboard, 19 January 1948:
    The Two Mirths also get across in their knockabout stint, with the dummy bit being especially clicko.
  • 1948 — Charles J. Lazarus, "Gayety, Montreal", The Billboard, 10 July 1948:
    A looker, she showed a clicko personality which should go over in other vauders or cafes with more English thrown in.
  • 1948 — Charles J. Lazarus, "El Morocco, Montreal", The Billboard, 28 August 1948:
    Naomi Stevens [] registered in the tee-off spot with a clicko appearance and well-handled special material.
  • 1951Joe Laurie, Jr. & Abel Green, Show Biz: From Vaude to Video, Henry Holt and Company (1951), page 63:
    The sixth Ziegfeld Follies, in the year Anna Held sued the producer for divorce, was again clicko with song lyrics by Gene Buck, who later produced many of Ziggy's Follies editions, plus 16 of his Midnight Frolics.
  • 1951 — Abie L. Morris, "Chase Club, Chase Hotel, St. Louis", The Billboard, 22 December 1951:
    His "It's A Most Unusual Day" was clicko.
  • 1956Variety, volume 201, part 5, page 146:
    If only for the fact that it tipped off the practicability of integrating the vast reservoir of clicko variety talent into the industry's newest offspring, the Texaco curtain-raiser was a significant milestone.

Noun: "(dated, entertainment) an extremely successful production; a hit"[edit]

1940 1942
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1940 — Harold W. Cohen, "The Drama Desk", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 14 June 1940:
    Sammy Kaye never dreamed before coming here that his "So You Want to Lead a Band?" stunt would be such a clicko in the theaters….
  • 1942Walter Winchell, "On Broadway", St. Petersburg Times, 20 June 1942:
    They spring out of Sally Benson's short stories into one of the clickos of the year.

Noun: "the inadvertent depressing of a computer mouse button on a wrong selection"[edit]

  • 1994 July 8, Niklas Mellin, “Re: undo question”,, Usenet
    I ask for undo if I make a typo (clicko), but not if I make a "thinko", which unfortunatly is far more common than the typo or clicko.
  • 1994 September 14, Daniel Fisher or Tom Zeiler, “Re: Come Undone”,, Usenet
    I have been very irritated to find people so sceptical about my honesty and/or so eager to take advantage of a "clicko/typo".
  • 1998 April 28, Dean Gay from, “Eddie Jones/Isaiah Rider Comparisons”,
    I performed a "clicko" (like a typo, but with the mouse) and inadvertantly sent it to the wrong NG.
  • 2000 March 28, Bill Taylor, “Re: Killing groups = rude?”,, Usenet
    Clickos are always take-backable IMHO; the game is about thought, not manual dexterity!
  • 2003 December 9, Jirka Klaue, “Re: Array C'tor”, comp.lang.c, Usenet
    It was a clicko. Do you *type* the group name every time you post an article?
  • 2004 May 31, “Blue Raja” from, “Re: [40K] Sm : Alright you bastards : By my fucking Orks”,, Usenet
    That's a clicko (like a typo, but with a mouse); the Dozer Blade should be Extra Armour.