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    • 1996 May 12, Rhett Valino Pascual <>, "Re: pakipot", soc.culture.filipino, Usenet,
      Well, let me hit you on the head with the cluestick. (BANG!!!$@#@# CLASH@#$#@$#@$%@#$ CRANG#$%!^&^&$#^$#%)
    • 2001 June 29, Brooks Moses <>, "Anyone got a thermonuclear cluestick handy?", alt.society.fruitopia, Usenet,
      So, of course, to prevent said security holes, he's going to stick with plain text telnet only. About this point in the conversation, she pointed out to me that he's a professional sysadmin. I think I need an interstate ballistic thermonuclear cluestick.
    • 2004 July 22, Paul T. Holland <>, "cluestick for this purported atorney:",, Usenet,
      i must preface this by being unequivocal: lolololololololololololololololol - now: i am going to respond to you based upon the assumption that you are A) sincere, and B) simply totally uniformed as to these areas of law:
    • 2004 September 15, Jay Stuler <>, "[Block] and need hit with a cluestick",, Usenet,
      The spammers known as "" [Calling themselves "Honest_Values" in the spam] are now spamming as "" among others.... The other commonality is long-time support from and
    • 2007 August 10, Adam Borowski <>, "Re: Man pages and UTF-8", linux.debian.devel.mentors, Usenet,
      If an user then chooses to use a broken charset due to his/her historic preferences, so be it -- but you cannot inflict data loss on others. If man-db does this, it needs to be beaten with a large cluestick.