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English citations of cockfag

Noun: "(neologism, vulgar, pejorative) an extremely contemptible person"[edit]

2005 2006 2007 2008
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  • 2005 June 26, evadnikufesin, “Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, in, Usenet[1]:
    Fuck off, cockfag.. this is a kiss ng.
  • 2006 May 8, AELangford, “Re: Attn: Xyndryx”, in, Usenet[2]:
    made you look twice you cockfag and i aint looking at any replies bitch
  • 2006 June 26, Ryan, “Re: Tried to replace T-Stat, now nothing (fan/cooling/heat) works?”, in alt.hvac, Usenet[3]:
    Have fun trolling, cockfag.
  • 2006 July 13, Erwin Hessle, “Archie thinks God is a sephirah”, in alt.magick, Usenet[4]:
    Then take another look at your assertion that God is Kether, Archie, and see if you too can't figure out why everyone here thinks you are a total cockfag with about as much "magical experience" as a syphilitic monkey's ass.
  • 2006 October 17, Craig Strong, “Re: Atb”, in aus.bicycle, Usenet[5]:
    Annoyed at the cockfags who decided it would be funny to throw a whole heap of drawing pins on the road just out of sorrento.
  • 2007 June 26, Erwin Hessle, “Re: Update from LaBlueGirl”, in alt.magick, Usenet[6]:
    I'm sure you believe posting crappy song lyrics to me will endear you to me, but in reality, you're just a daft, frightened, silly little cockfag.
  • 2008 June 18, parris_k, “Re: Question:Are The Holocaust Deniers a small Minority?”, in alt.revisionism, Usenet[7]:
    You're an arrogant cockfag who thinks he's a lot cleverer than he is.