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English citations of cointreaux

  • 1923, Life LXXXI, page unknown, column 2:
    . . . .the Monkey Glands at Maxim’s. . . .the Saratoga chips at the Crillon bar. . . . the umbrella I left at Zelli’s. . . .the nine cointreaux I engulfed during the entr’acte of “Oh! Quel Nu!”. . . .the purple dress coat in the window of Jack de New York. . . .
  • 1945, Elliot Paul, I’ll Hate Myself in the Morning and Summer in December, Random House, page 81:
    There wasn’t much labor or exertion involved, but François’ ideal, expressed in a moment of candor (after two double Cointreaux) to a Variety reporter at the Mocambo one night, was to do no work at all.
  • 2010, Kit Rohrbach, 21 Stories, ISBN 9780557268320, story ix: “Gin Joint of the Gods”, page 77:
    Victor speaks peremptorily to the man in a flowing gray robe who appears at their table. “Two cointreaux, please.”