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Old French citations of contree

Thomas of Britain (circa 1200) Tristan: “Porpense soi qu'il porra faire,
Com la porra a soi atraire,
Car n'ose aler en sa contree.”

He was thinking of what he could do,
How he would attract her to him,
For he dared not go to her country.

Chrétien de Troyes (circa 1180) Yvain ou le Chevalier au Lion: “Ainsi est en la queste entree
Et trespassa mainte contree
C'onques nouveles n'en aprinst,”

And so she started her quest
She went across many lands
But was unable to have any news,

Marie de France (circa 1200) Lai d'Equitan: “En la cuntree ala chacier[,]
La u li seneschal maneit,
El chastel u la dame esteit,
herberjat li reis la nuit[.]”

He went in the country hunting
There where the senechal lived
The castle where the lady lived
Was where stayed the king.