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English citations of coon


  1. uncategorized
    • 1849, John [illegible], A History of Wonderful Inventions, Harper & Brothers, New York, page 33
      Gunpowder is formed by a chemical mixture...formed separately into pound powders, and then mixed in the proper proportions. They are afterwards sent to the powerder-mill.... The stone runners are made to revolve over this mass until it is in a fit state to be sent to the cooning house, where it is cooned or grained. There it is pressed into a firm mass, and afterwards broken into small lumps and made to pass through sieves
    • 1868, Putnam's Magazine, Original Papers on Literature, Science, Art, and National Interests, G. P. Putnam & Son, page 455
      Country amusements have a freshness, simplicity, and relish, unknown in town. There is no pastime known on the pavements equal to cooning (that is roasting corn in a bonfire by moonlight), or as racy as a night fishing expedition, or like boating on a free wooded lake—nothing that compares with squirrel hunting. Why, merely riding the old mare to the post office on summer evenings is a capital thing.
    • 1949, Harvey Elmer Tobie, No Man Like Joe: The Life and Times of Joseph L. Meek, Oregon Historical Society, Binfords & Mort
      The mule with passengers was so nearly submerged by the weight that the pursuers, said Mark Head, thought that it was a beaver. “That,” said Meek, “is what I call cooning a river.”
    • 1978, Thomas Augustus Gallagher, The Movies of John Ford, Columbia University, page 416
      Dr. Lake recounts how when Priest was still a young lawyer out on a hunting trip he protected young Pleasant Woolfolk. Some hyped up white out "cooning" wanted to kill Pleasant but Priest faced them down with a gun.
  2. For an African American, to play the dated stereotype of a black fool
    • 1994, Donald Bogle, Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies and Bucks, An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films, page 234
      Rather than cooning or tomming it up to please whites...the black comic characters joked or laughed or acted the fool with one another. Or sometimes they used humor combatively to outwit the white characters.
    • 1999, Nelson George, Elevating the Game, Black Men and Basketball, U of Nebraska Press, →ISBN, page 52
      If any other forties figure paralleled this humorous, graceful man in appeal it was the dancer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, who, like the Trotter, funneled his extraordinary physical gifts into mass entertainment for whites yet remarkably, considering the time, avoided cooning.
    • 2002, Mark Anthony Neal, Soul Babies: Black Popular Culture and the Post-soul Aesthetic, Routledge, →ISBN, page 183
      Students even recoiled from the film’s opening segments, which featured the late “Scatman” Crothers singing “I Got the Devil in Me,” looking and sounding as if he had just walked off the set of an early 1930s plantation film. Of course Crothers was a remnant of an earlier era when black performers shucked, jived, cooned, and tapped for their two-minutes of fame
    • 2003, Adrienne Anderson, Word, Rap, Politics and Feminism, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 75
      Videos shown on these stations...become a microcosm of same issues that are going on in the Black community.... We’re smack dab into a new millennium and we’re still dealing with an antiquated color caste, sexism, and cooning.
    • 2004, J. Ronald Green, With a Crooked Stick— The Films of Oscar Micheaux, Indiana University Press, →ISBN, page
      In the next sequence, one of Ted’s assistant producers has “picked up a couple of boys in Harlem” who do a song-and-dance number. A preadolescent boy performs a broad-smiling, eye-rolling “cooning” act that is embarrassingly exaggerated.
    • 2005, Kermit Ernest Campbell, “gettin’ our groove on”, rhetoric, language, and literacy for the hip hop generation, Wayne State University Press, →ISBN, page 80
      From the classic toasts to the dirty dozens to the early blues50 and now to gangsta rap lyrics—why not consider it all just a bunch of niggers cooning for the white man’s delight and dollars?
    • 2006, A. Khaulid, The Great Book of Fire, Damon Hunter, →ISBN, page 142
      Then the warrior appeared, in a manner that was dead serious as a heart attack wearing a baseball cap. Then came the sidekick, a jet black madman dancing, and almost cooning out of the shadows that cancelled him.