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English citations of creepoid

Adjective: "(slang) creepy"[edit]

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  • 1989 — Steven Rea, "Oscar Nominees For Home Viewing", Philadelphia Inquirier, 19 February 1989:
    Ray Liotta (the creepoid ex-con in Something Wild, the Eugene in Dominick and Eugene) is set to star as Henry Hill, who rises from the lowest ranks of the "family" to a position that gives him access to high-ranking crime bosses.
  • 1993 — "'Amos & Andrew' It's Full Steam Ahead, Correctness Be Damned", Fresno Bee, 5 March 1993:
    The local police, with the exception of the politically savvy Chief Tolliver (Dabney Coleman, doing his usual creepoid thing), seem to have been recruited from Mayberry.
  • 2002 — Diane Werts, "The Haunted Heart of a Private Detective Show", Newsday, 24 September 2002:
    In the "X-Files"-ish suspense hour "Haunted," he's provided lots of moody emoting opportunity along with creepoid poltergeist investigatory assistance.
  • 2003 — Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver, Niagara Falls, or Does It?, Spotlight (2006), ISBN 1599611082, page 81:
    "What is that supposed to be?" he asked in his usual creepoid manner.
  • 2004 — Tirdad Derakhshani, "Quincy Jones quests for 'We Are the Future'", Philadelphia Inquirer, 14 May 2004:
    In a tiresome bid to create controversy (read: free publicity), rocker Marilyn Manson, who has dubbed himself the "Antichrist Superstar," has signed to play Jesus in Diamond Dead, a dark comedy by the master of cheesily creepoid horror movies, George Romero.
  • 2010 — Michael Hogan, "Iggy Pop's Memo to Media Companies: You Have to Like the Audience", Vanity Fair, 29 July 2010:
    I feel like this is a part of consummating, of giving the music the respect that it should have been given to get it out into the world a reasonable amount without getting creepoid about it.
  • 2011 — Khalid Mohamed, "Desi Boyz Review: Yet Another Brawn Biryani", Deccan Chronicle, 25 November 2011:
    Question: Does Munnabhai really need to do such creepoid roles?

Noun: "(slang, pejorative) a creepy person or creature"[edit]

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  • 1991 — Jan Stuart, "Read My Lips, Make My Day, Hasta La Vista, Baby", Newsday, 29 September 1991:
    This is not the case with [David Mamet], who hit pay dirt on Broadway and in Hollywood lionizing the creepoids that [Eric Bogosian] sends up.
  • 1995 — "Vid game", Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1 April 1995:
    The second installment of Sega/Marvel Comics' X-Men series finds the mutants once again going up against some spacey creepoid.
  • 1996 — "My brother flashes me when I play with my friends," Weekly World News, 6 August 1996:
    There's a law against indecent exposure, kid — and this creepoid is breaking it BIG TIME!
  • 1997 — Lina Jaivin, Eat Me, Broadway (1998), ISBN 0553066978, page 130:
    Did he touch my leg on purpose? Creepoid.
  • 2000 — Harold Covington, "The Movement's Fatal Fascination", in Encyclopedia of White Power: A Sourcebook on the Radical Racist Right (ed. Jeffrey Kaplan), AltaMira Press (2000), ISBN 0742503402, pages 476-477:
    As I said somewhere else, when I am 75 years old, some National Alliance creepoid from this insane period in my life will be toddling over to Carrboro on his aluminum walker or riding in his wheelchair to shit on my doorstep, or commit some comparable piece of idiocy.
  • 2000 — "Wired Kids Game and Web site reviews", Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 15 August 2000:
    This is the part where we have to warn parents: Just like with comic books, there's lots of violence and blood and nightmare-inducing villainous creepoids here.
  • 2002 — Mike Littwin, "Not To Point Fingers, But Schools Really Need To Get A Grip", Rocky Mountain News, 16 May 2002:
    This is what we have: Boys were rolling around and pointing fingers in a game of army and aliens - with, if I know fourth-graders, a lot of yelling of words like "bang" and "you're dead, you crummy alien creepoid" - in behavior that could lead directly to another Columbine.
  • 2003 — Mike Prevatt, "Holmes' sweet home", Las Vegas Mercury, 20 November 2003:
    Pieces isn't a Holmes vehicle like Teaching Mrs. Tingle, if only because the supporting cast has a tendency to outperform her, for better (Lillias White, sharply playing April's straight-talkin' neighbor) or worse (an abysmally bad Sean Hayes, as her building's resident creepoid).
  • 2005 — William Keck, "The dope on 'George': He's a stand-up guy", USA Today, 10 November 2005:
    In person, Bart proves more stand-up comic than creepoid.
  • 2007 — J. R. Griffin, "Will Smith is in charge in 'I Am Legend'", New York Daily News, 7 December 2007:
    No, it's not the infected, flesh-devouring creepoids looking to tear him to shreds as the last man on Earth in "I Am Legend," opening Friday.
  • 2010 — Peter Paras, "Splice is Smart, Strangely Sexy Sci-Fi", E! Online, 3 June 2010:
    Two wunderkind geneticists create a new lifeform that's part human, part creepoid.