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English citations of demonym

  1. A name for an inhabitant or native of a specific place that is derived from the name of the place.
    • 1895, Hubert Ashton Holden, ed., The Oeconomicus of Xenophon, fifth ed., Macmillan and Co., page 153,
      In official acts it was the custom to designate a person by his own name and that of his father together with his demonym, e.g. Δημοσθένης Δημοσθένους Παιανιεύς [Demosthenes, son of Demosthenes, the Paeanian].
    • 1997, Paul Dickson, Labels for Locals: What To Call People from Abilene to Zimbabwe:
      A demonym derived from the name of the state has been a matter of long-standing debate and deliberation. For decades the public printer of the United States has used Connecticuter in publications created by the Government Printing Office (GPO), but this has been widely ignored and derived outside government ...
    • 2005, Jim Wegryn, Funny Thing about Names: An Entertaining Look at Naming in America, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 35,
      In some places they are called estadounidense which translates to United Statesians. It is a little long, but an accurate demonym, don't you think?