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English citations of drygulch and dry-gulch

  • 1940, Chandler, Raymond, Farewell, My Lovely, Penguin, published 2010, page 77:
    ‘Then one of them got into the car and dry-gulched me.’
  • 2006, Pynchon, Thomas, Against the Day, Vintage, published 2007, pages 722-3:
    You've delivered yourselves into the hands of capitalists and Christers, and anybody wants to change any of that steps across ’at frontera, they're drygulched on the spot—though I'm sure you'd know how to avoid that, Dwayne.
  • 2011 December 14, Timothy Omundson as Carlton Lassiter, Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat (Psych), season 6, episode 9:
    Yeah, but she got thrown in solitary for dry-gulching a homegirl on the chow line. She sure hates cutsies.