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English citations of embrighten

  1. Brighten; vivify.
    • 1833, John Graile, Morning and evening prayers, tr. into Engl. verse by J. Blyth [ed. by T. Blyth], page 85:
      […] Thou hast the world embrighten’d with the sky,
      The sky with stars, the stars with light on high;
      Thou hast the earth replenish’d with thy stores,
      Cloth’d it with trees, with herbs, with fruits and
      Whereof are numbers not to be express’d, [flow’rs,
      By various marks distinguish’d from the rest. […]
    • 1835, Richard Cattermole & Henry Stebbing, The Sacred Classics: Or, Cabinet Library of Divinity, page 156:
      Whose garment was before indipt in blood,
      But now, embrighten’d into heav’nly flame,
      The sun itself outglitters, though he should
      Climb to the top of the celestial frame,
      And force the stars to hide themselves for shame:
         Before, that under earth was buried,
         But now above the heav’ns is carried,
      And there for ever by the angels heried.1
    • 1848, Furlong Elizabeth S. Harris, Rest in the Church, page 22:
      Who that has once experienced its untroubled consolation, and afterwards, through temptations of Reason’s vanity or ungoverned thoughts, ‘left’ that ‘first love’, does not look back with a melancholy of heart which no earthly sunshines can embrighten, and no ecstatic lightning-flashes from the clouds of the mind can by a tithe repay, to the unutterable, irreparable loss!
    • 1862, Thomas Hewlings Stockton & Frank Richard Stockton, Poems: With Autobiographic and Other Notes, page 234:
      The wild eagle calls shrill, on the cliff-top alone,
          As to waken the ear of the heroes above;
      While young Liberty smiles from her azure-hued throne,
          And her favorite sons bless the land that they love.
      Here the Spirit of Beauty, midst fountains and flowers,
      Has embrighten’d her colors, and painted the bowers;
      And her rosy cheeks flush, and her starry eyes shine,
      For her dwelling on earth is so like her divine!
    • 1883, St. Claire Baddeley Welbore, Bedoueen Legends, and Other Poems, page 29:
      […] “Wherefore they brought me to the King of Kings,
      “Courting encounter with this Badramoot;
      “But when I viewed the splendour of the King,
      “And saw his face embrighten, like a cloud […]
    • 2004, Margaret Mary Stender, The Greening Springing, page 58:
      And, 0 Prophet, we hope to hear to learn of thee and thy Disciple, a word, or two, or three, to lighten up, embrighten