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English citations of evidence

1678 1946
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  • 1678John Bunyan. The Pilgrim's Progress.
    I had been here sooner, but that, "wretched man that I am!" I slept in the arbour that stands on the hillside; nay, I had, notwithstanding that, been here much sooner, but that, in my sleep, I lost my evidence, and came without it to the brow of the hill and then feeling for it, and finding it not, I was forced with sorrow of heart, to go back to the place where I slept my sleep, where I found it, and now I am come.
    Then proclamation was made, that they that had aught to say for their lord the king against the prisoner at the bar, should forthwith appear and give in their evidence.
    Yet, if need be, when the other gentlemen have given in their evidence, rather than anything shall be wanting that will despatch him, I will enlarge my testimony against him.
  • 1946, Dr. Ralph S. Banay, The Milwaukeee Journal, Is Modern Woman a Failure:
    Yet we commonly find in women evidences of what we call schizophrenia, or split personality; and perhaps this arises, at least partly, from their tendency to rebel against the function for which nature designated them.