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English citations of evil laugh

  • 1992 October 2, Mark Tompsett,, Usenet
    I would greatly ENJOY re-acting out this war.... <evil laugh> However, this war should have a BETTER outcome. <evil laugh>
  • 1996, David Hobson, “<evil laugh> I'm gonna spew again!”, in, Usenet:
    Hehehe <(*evil laugh*)>.
  • 1998: "[1] " Discussion thread on the newsgroup.
    <evil laugh> The Neo Sig has gotten BIGGER...
  • 2001: "[2]" Discussion thread on the newsgroup.
    HEY XP owners...I TOLD YOU SO!!!! <evil laugh!!>

English citations of evil laugh

  • 1991, ACM SIGPLAN Notices: A Monthly Publication of the Special Interest Group on ... , page 123
    Special combinations include the evil-laugh look and the sunrise. Technically, all of these lighting looks are merely intensity specifications for the stage
  • 2000, Susanna Clarke, "Mr. Simonelli or the Fairy Widower", in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourteenth Annual Collection, Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling, eds., page 416
    And then she laughed the evil laugh, and she knew how it had trundled and limped down the lane,
  • 2003, Neil Zawacki, James Dignan, How to Be a Villain: Evil Laughs, Secret Lairs, Master Plans, and More!!!, Page 23
    However, the most essential skill by far is an evil laugh. / How to do an evil laugh / The evil laugh is a defining characteristic of any supervillain,
  • 2007, Greg Trine, The Fake Cape Caper, page 113
    "I mean curses. Can't you tell I'm getting more evil by the second?" Knucklehead nodded. "So let's hear the evil laugh." Johnny shook his head. "Not now."


  • 2004, Sherri Winston, Acting: A Novel, page 84
    Nick said over and over, adding the evil laugh he had learned from cartoon bad guys.