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English citations of faccedilade

  • 2007, Slawka Giorgia Scarso, Student Traveler, Student Travel News, Portugal Travel, 10 Hours in Lisbon:
    As soon as we got off the bus though, we found ourselves in front of a building covered with beautiful azulejos, ceramic tiles decorating the faccedilade, and immediately realized Lisbon has its own unique beauty.
  • 2008, Antonio Giustozzi, Bureaucratic façade and political realities of disarmament and demobilisation in Afghanistan:
    International players in the process choose to compromise on ratherunfavourable terms, saving the faccedilade of demobilisation thanks to the formal disbandment of the militias incorporated under the Ministry of Defence, but in fact allowing thousands of militias to continue operating throughout the country.
  • 2009, City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, The Campo de Cahuenga:
    The building faccedilade is a replica of the adobe that stood on the site at the time of the signing.
  • 2009, Georgina Campbell Guides, Ireland, Andersons Food Hall & Café:
    Previously a butchers[sic] shop, with its original 1930s' tiled floor, high ceiling and faccedilade, Noel Delaney and Patricia van der Velde's wonderful delicatessen, wine shop and continental style café is quietly situated on a side road, so the unexpected sight of jaunty aluminium chairs and tables outside - and a glimpse of many wine bottles lining the walls behind the elegant shopfront - should gladden the hearts of first-time visitors sweeping around the corner from Griffith Avenue.
  • 2009, Accent Travel, Traveling Through Veneto:
    Palazzo Thiene is at Contragrave; Porti 12, but you want to see the rear faccedilade designed by Palladio.