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English citations of fatherfucker

  • 1975, Charles Potts, The Golden Calf, page 66
    [...] up against th wall fatherfucker im about to increase my status at th xpense of yr quo.
  • 1993, Jane Caputi, Paula Gunn Allen, Gossips, Gorgons & Crones: The Fates of the Earth, page 176
    He is our nation's mirror, reflecting consumerism, orgiastic violence, and fatherfucker dominance.
  • 2001, Todd Noker, Path of Totality, page 234
    "I'd kill you, you little faggot motherfucker, or should I say fatherfucker — but you're already dead!"
  • 2001, Norman Kelley, Black Heat: A Nina Halligan Mystery, page 246
    I winked at her, and she smiled tiredly. We were cool. "It's more like what doesn't this fatherfucker own." The printout showed hundreds of addresses.
  • 2003, Norman Kelley, A Phat Death: The Last Days of Noir Soul[1], →ISBN, page 189:
    Fuck him. Goddamn Boer fatherfucker.
  • 2004, Sally McKay, "Too Much Girl", in What it Feels Like for a Girl, page 1
    Not every girl has the gumption to call herself "fatherfucker." It is no wonder that she has become a rock star.

English citations of father-fucker

  • 1987, Lawrence Sanders, The Second Deadly Sin[2], →ISBN, page 117:
    "Intimate with Victor Maitland", she mimicked. " [] All my shrinks have told me I'm a father-fucker at heart."
  • 2000, Lauren Sanders, Kamikaze Lust[3], →ISBN, page 36:
    My eyes burned into my face, the eyes of death's messenger, unemployed adulterer and feckless father-fucker.