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English citations of floribunda

  • 1999 Richard Webster, "Feng Shui in the Garden"
    There are many to choose from, but my favorite is probably the floribunda rose, frequently known as "Iceberg."
  • 2003 Karl Lind, "Organic fruit growing2
    So-called Va resistance (Antonovka), Vr resistance (Malus pumila) and especially Vf resistance (Malus floribunda) are bred into the scab-resistant apple cultivars.
  • 2006 Mary Moody, "Mary Moody's Roses"
    This is a popular variety because of the size and unusual colouration of the blooms, which are among the largest within the floribunda group.

French citations of floribunda

  • 1855 Actes - Société linnéenne de Bordeaux
    La dénomination de floribunda donnée à cette dernière variété par M. Boreau parait mieux caractériser cette plante que celle de densiflora.

Italian citations of floribunda

  • 2001 Margherita Neri, Fausta M. Fazio, "Coltivare la rosa"
    Le floribunda sono rosai a cespuglio molto rifiorenti, con fiori riuniti a mazzi sullo stesso selo, di incredibile qualita decorative.