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English citations of for all intensive purposes

  1. (US, nonstandard, idiomatic) Misconstruction of for all intents and purposes.
    • 1962: American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, p209,
      For all intensive purposes, the final equipment characteristic is affected only to the extent further parameter changes broaden it.
    • 1964: National Council on Family Relations, Journal of Marriage and the Family, p723
      Here each individual is, for all intensive purposes, interchangeable with all others.
    • 1990: Nancy L. Stein, Psychological & Biological Approaches to Emotion, pXII
      Lazarus takes the position that, for all intensive purposes, cognition and emotion are inseparable.
    • 2000: Andrew R. Yoder, Auto Audio: Choosing, Installing, and Maintaining Car Stereo Systems, p248,
      So, the wooden frame is, for all intensive purposes, a must if you want your box to last any length of time.
  2. (rare) For every highly demanding purpose.
    • 1999: Paul G. Slade, Electrical Contacts: Principles and Applications, p42
      The electrical resistivity of Al2O3 is so large at 100°C that the film is a perfect electrical insulator for all intensive purposes.