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English citations of for all intensive purposes

  1. (US, nonstandard, idiomatic) Misconstruction of for all intents and purposes.
    • 1962, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers[1], page 209:
      For all intensive purposes, the final equipment characteristic is affected only to the extent further parameter changes broaden it.
    • 1964, National Council on Family Relations, Journal of Marriage and the Family[2], page 723:
      Here each individual is, for all intensive purposes, interchangeable with all others.
    • 1990, Nancy L. Stein, Psychological & Biological Approaches to Emotion[3], page XII:
      Lazarus takes the position that, for all intensive purposes, cognition and emotion are inseparable.
    • 2000, Andrew R. Yoder, Auto Audio: Choosing, Installing, and Maintaining Car Stereo Systems[4], page 248:
      So, the wooden frame is, for all intensive purposes, a must if you want your box to last any length of time.
  2. (rare) For every highly demanding purpose.
    • 1999, Paul G. Slade, Electrical Contacts: Principles and Applications[5], page 42:
      The electrical resistivity of Al2O3 is so large at 100°C that the film is a perfect electrical insulator for all intensive purposes.