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English citations of for all intrinsic purposes

  1. Misconstruction of for all intents and purposes.
    • 1999: “Michael K— P—”, (Google group): Building a Legacy, the 10th day of February at 9 o’clock a.m.
      Would “nothing he ever does is remarkable, everything he does is evil or incompetent” on this newsgroup present a better logical argument? As I see it, he is now caretaker of for all intrinsic purposes the three largest races in this country across three different series. The consensus on this newsgroup: “A coke-addled incompetent squandering away his father’s fortune.
    • 2000: “DayTripper”, (Google group): Vote for your favorite Beatles song on Please Please Me!, the 12th day of December at 4 o’clock p.m.
      for all intrinsic purposes we will use the CD releases for our voting purposes.
    • 2000: “Psi”, alt.religion.christianity (Google group): Atheists, the 29th day of December at 6:13am
      For all intrinsic purposes, I have assumed the rôle of an atheist here. So I want you to know that I am not here to make fun, nor to attack anyone. I am hear to learn about myself and others, and to grow and encourage others to grow.
    • 2005: “murray727”, What this little girl thinks…: Hoppy Easter‼, the 27th day of March
      It’s on holidays like this one (Easter for all those non-religious people) that I miss working at Carlton Cards. I mean who wouldn’t miss things like “Some bunny loves you” imprinted on the paws of a cheap stuffed animal. It’s sights like that which remind me why there are more and more people who choose not to go to church. I mean why celebrate a holiday that for all intrinsic purposes has become another marketing campaign. But please don’t forget that “somebunny loves you”.
    • 2005: “Robert Slotpole”, (Google group): RETAIN DO LOOP and IF ELSE END, the 18th day of July at 2 o’clock a.m.
      I believe the following will contain all the information SAS readers will need to figure out what the heck is going on. I am bewildered at this point because I have another section of code that looks the same for all intrinsic purposes and yet doesn’t produce the desired result. I really really would appreciate it if someone could take a close look and tell me why this isn’t working.
    • 2005: “Jessica”, QUIT LOOKING AT ME!: She started it!, the 11th day of November at 12:02pm
      I am a firm believer that there are basically only 2 types of people in this world. Yes, there are a million subtypes of people that fall under each of these categories; but for all intrinsic purposes there are basically only 2 main types. The respectable and the despicable.
    • 2006: “Jeff”, Unwanted Commentary: Saga, cont., the 10th day of April at 10:02am
      We found our bags and found out what cabin we would be in. It was at this point that Cici and I had to accept the cruel reality that we’d have to go our separate ways. We would, for all intrinsic purposes, be alone in our adventure now. I now got an idea which of the kids would be in my cabin, they all seemed strange, like alien creatures, but I was mildly relieved that they neither foamed at the mouth, nor had pointy fangs.
    • 2006: “Brandon Witt”, Ramblings: Good Luck With This One…, Saturday the 9th day of September
      For having been, for all intrinsic purposes, more miserable than I have ever been for the past twelve weeks, the past two days have been very nice. Last night, my friend KE came over and we watched “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. Everyone said that this movie is wonderful. Everyone is stupid! I wish there had just been five funerals!
    • 2006: “natestreet”, natestreet’s Xanga: Filling the emptiness, the 19th day of October
      For all intrinsic purposes, I’m busy, always on the go and very rarely got nothing to do… between work, SES, Scouts and Abseiling I’m barely home anymore… But why do I do all of this?
    • 2007: “Scott Logsdon”, (Google group): How do Keller shell companies charge these prices?, Thursday the 1st day of February at 8:16pm
      The setup guys normally move pianos that are sitting on piano dollies and they move them like it’s a demolition derby. In this case we had to disassemble the piano and put it on its side on a furniture dolly — for all intrinsic purposes it was not a piano anymore, but a piece of furniture. Use people who move furniture without damaging it on a regular basis, right? Logical, but I had to spend a bunch of time unruffling feathers because of these stupid union regs. What ever happened to using the right tool for the job?
    • 2007: “Ocularis”, Physics Help and Math Help — Physics Forums: Must time be only one dimensional?, the 23rd day of June
      For the sake of argument lets assume that normally there are very few temporal forces, so for all intrinsic purposes most of the time we only see time as moving in one direction.