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English citations of fractal

(self-similar at all scales):

  • 2006 Jose Gaite, Alvaro Dominguez, "Scaling Laws in the Cosmic Structure and Renormalization Group" [1]
    There is evidence of a scale-invariant matter distribution up to scales over 10 Megaparsecs. We review scaling (fractal or multifractal) models of large scale structure and their observational evidence.
  • 2006 Anton V. Tikhonov, "Properties of Voids in the 2dFGRS Galaxy Survey" arXiv
    The dependence of the volume of voids on their rank is consistent with a fractal model (Zipf's power law) of the galaxy distribution with a fractal dimension D ~ 2.1.
  • 2006 R. L. Oldershaw, "Discrete Self-Similarity Of RR Lyrae Stars II. Period Spectrum For A Very Large Sample" arXiv
    Discrete self-similarity between these fractal analogues was indentified in terms of their masses, radii, oscillation periods, basic morphologies and kinematics.

(irregular at all scales):

  • 2006 C.W. Ormel et al, "Dust coagulation in protoplanetary disks: porosity matters" arXiv
    We also find that collisional energies are higher than in the limited PCA/CCA fractal models, thereby allowing aggregates to restructure.
  • 2007 Lorin S. Matthews et al, "Formation of Cosmic Dust Bunnies" arXiv
    One poorly understood problem in this coagulation process is the manner in which micron-sized, charged grains form the fractal aggregate structures now thought to be the precursors of protoplanetary disk evolution.