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English citations of fuckton

Adjective: "a large amount"[edit]

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  • 1996 January 15, "Muadeab", “Re: rob schuh is an ignorant ass”, in, Usenet[1]:
    I would guess that Nassar spent a fuck ton of money on growth hormone and any available steroids.
  • 1996 September 16, Thomas Miller, “STORY: Adventurers 440”, in, Usenet[2]:
    Mongo: So what you're saying is, priests of the forest don't have the right kind of power to take on what could be a fuckton of undead?
  • 1997 June 8, "root", “Re: Listen up, spammers!”, in, Usenet[3]:
    As I have said several times, my email address is munged (there is no "spam" in there for grepbots to whack, either), I have a quadruply-redundant set of filters on my computer, including two procmail scripts, rules, and a fuckton of entries in /etc/hosts.deny, and *still* I get spam.
  • 1998 April 18, "aaron", “Re: STEROIDS DID THIS TO ME !!!!!!!”, in , Usenet[4]:
    thats what happens when you eat a fuck ton and train your ass off and get huge, then stop training but eat the same, regardless of whether your on drugs or not.
  • 2003 — Mike Seely, "Gravy Train", Riverfront Times, 28 May 2003:
    "I know I'm not going to be the next Patrick Swayze," says the blue-eyed, heartland-hunky Giuntoli, a Frontenac resident who earned a bachelor's degree in international finance at Indiana University. "I'm just the guy who wants to make a fuck-ton of money right now."
  • 2005 — Seth Freilich, "Welcome to (The Third Season of the) O.C., Bitch!", Pajiba, 22 August 2005:
    So I’m coming into this third season with a fuck-ton of skepticism, none of which is alleviated by the first few minutes of the episode, which begins at the end of summer, because God knows “The O.C.” couldn’t exist without the high school setting.
  • 2007 — Luke Plunkett, "Over 100 Submissions For Wii Ware", Kotaku Australia, 11 October 2007:
    So the DS prints money. The Wii, it beams money. Which means the Wii Ware service, where cheap, downloadable titles can be developed with little manufacturing costs to capitalise on an already burgeoning installed base will… look, it’ll make a fuckton of cash.
  • 2008 — Jodi Lipper & Cerina Vincent, How to Eat Like a Hot Chick: Eat What You Love, Love How You Feel, HaperCollins (2008), →ISBN, page 81:
    After you have drained the water, throw the pasta back into that hot pan, add some I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, a tad bit of milk, a dash of garlic powder, some salt and a fuckton of parmesan cheese. Voila! Your mouth will be so happy, and your hips will not hate you.
  • 2008 — Ted Dziuba, "1,400 Yahooligans perish as Yang raids needle cabinet", The Register, 22 October 2008:
    In the typical American fashion, Yahoo! bought a bunch of shit it didn't need with money it didn't have. That, of course, was no problem at the time because the stock market always goes up, and they get a fuck-ton of airline miles every time they buy a Web 2.0 startup.
  • 2009 — Wayne Alan Brenner, "Role-Play Playing", The Austin Chronicle, 19 June 2009:
    Bryan Roberts, sketch and improv comedian, plays a lot of video games. Would he say that he plays a fuckton of video games?
    "I would say that," he agrees amiably. "I play a fuckton of video games."
  • 2009Nathan Rabin, "G.I. Joe deemed too good to screen for critics", The A.V. Club, 4 August 2009:
    That’s a PR way of saying, “Critics didn’t like Transformers 2 but we made a fuck-ton of money off it so fuck you, critics; enjoy your sad little efficiencies and non-existent job security while we snort Bolivian Marching Powder off pert 19 year olds and party in the Bahamas”.
  • 2010Megan Hart, Naked, Spice (2010), →ISBN, page 310:
    He shrugged. "I don't have a lot of friends, Olivia. Not real friends. But I have a fuck-ton of money, and had nobody to spend it on but myself. It's easy to get caught up in a lifestyle."
  • 2010 — Edmund Mullins, "'Saw' Franchise Enters Guinness Book of Records", BlackBook, 26 July 2010:
    I think I’ve seen roughly ten minutes of the first Saw film. I remember Cary Elwes screaming a lot and then thinking to myself, “Wow! His career has really gone off the rails if he’s been reduced to this sort of bunk.” Well, bunk though it might have been, they’ve since made six more of them, and a fuck-ton of money to boot.
  • 2011 — Lauren Dane, Goddess With a Blade, Carina Press (2011), →ISBN:
    It was at that moment she realized she might just have some room in her life for a Vampire boyfriend and a lot of sneaky meetings and probably a fuckton of politics too.
  • 2011Lev Grossman, The Magician King, Penguin (2011), →ISBN:
    "The first world was a complete bust," he said. "Desert everywhere. Incredible dunes, but no people at all that I could find, so I buttoned right back out of there. Next one was ice. Next one was pine forest. That one was inhabited—sorted of a Native American thing. I stayed there two weeks. No love, but I lost about ten pounds. Also scored a fuck-ton of wampum."
  • 2011Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett, Dragon Soul, Ballantine Books (2011), →ISBN, page 244:
    I smiled thin and watched the needle gain momentum, spinning round in its little bowl like a clock gone crazy, a compass with no due center. Our blood — Fleet's and mine — together, had done this. Kinda special when you thought about it. Never seen anythig like that before, and I'd seen a fuck-ton of all kinds of strange things in my time.
  • 2011 — James Knapp, Element Zero, Penguin (2011), →ISBN:
    In the two years since the tanker went down, Heinlein's new toy went public. The easy way out was easier than ever, and it made Heinlein a fuck-ton more cash.
  • 2011Karen Traviss, Gears of War: Coalition's End, Simon and Schuster (2011), →ISBN, page 14:
    "How many?" he yelled to Baird. "How many did she say?"
    "I estimate a metric fuck-ton." Baird swapped out an ammo clip. "Stop me if I'm getting too technical."
  • 2011 — Emer Sugrue, "Film: Top 10 - Nerd Movies", The University Observer, 12 April 2011:
    8. Kick-Ass – All superhero movies are nerdy to an extent, but none so much as kick ass. He has no actual superpowers, no money and no fighting skills, yet he not only defeats the bad guy (admittedly with the help of a foul-mouthed child and a fuckton of weaponry) but despite a complete lack of social skills to the point of pretending he is gay to impress a girl, he actually gets her!
  • 2011Rob Sheffield, "'Game of Thrones' Is a Genius Fantasy Saga — and Not Just for Geeks", Rolling Stone, 28 April 2011:
    Game of Thrones doesn't offer any Gandalf-ish folk wisdom, or Xena-ish heroes to root for. There is, however, a fuckton of sex and violence.