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English citations of gay-friendliness

Noun: "the state or quality of being gay-friendly"[edit]

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  • 1995 — Annette Friskopp & Sharon Silverstein, Straight Jobs, Gay Lives: Gay and Lesbian Professionals, The Harvard Business School, and the American Workplace, Touchstone (1996), ISBN 0684804247, page 427:
    Heterosexuals usually discuss AIDS at work either as a way to put gay people down or as a way of acknowledging gay-friendliness.
  • 1996 — Mark Huisman, "She Shot Andy Warhol", The Advocate, 16 April 1996:
    Taylor is quick to acknowledge that, for all her gay-friendliness, homosexual friends have to deal with problems she's been spared.
  • 2007 — Andrew Collins, New Orleans, Avalon Travel (2007), ISBN 9781566919319, page 375:
    New Orleans is something of a bastion of gay-friendliness in perhaps the most socially conservative and gay-hostile part of the nation, the Gulf South.
  • 2012 — Mark McCormack, The Declining Significance of Homophobia: How Teenage Boys are Redefining Masculinity and Sexuality, Oxford University Press (2012), ISBN 9780199778249, page 123:
    There is a total absence of evidence suggesting that homophobia is present or esteemed, and interviews and participant observations of all students demonstrate gay-friendliness.